About us

“The purpose of AESA is to provide a vehicle for the sharing of ideas and to assist all member Societies in all legal obligations in the running of their Eisteddfod.”

“The Association of Eisteddfod Societies has a membership made up of Eisteddfodau and Festivals of competition from all over Australia.”
AESA assists its members by the way of conference and communications to:

  • Bring about suitable changes without compromising the autonomy of its members.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and/or brokers for affordable Public Liability and other insurances as required.
  • Seek clarification and updates on laws and regulations effecting Eisteddfodau.
  • Negotiate with all copyright organisations for a better outcome for its members.
  • Negotiate on any other matters of mutual concern or need.
Statement of Purposes
  • To provide opportunities for performers of all ages to receive critiques of their skills by highly qualified and independent Adjudicators.
  • To provide a nurturing atmosphere for all competitors to enable them to gain confidence in themselves and their performance.
  • To provide recognition for performance that meet the standard expected by the Adjudicator.
  • Progression
An eisteddfod should be encouraged to consult with teachers of cultural activities to ensure that the sections offered for competition are always in accordance with the needs and interests of its community.
Via competition, not only are the artistic skills of the performers improved, but they gain confidence, poise, commitment and self esteem, skills which they will later take into the community with them.
Philosophy of AESA.
The Association of Eisteddfod Societies aims to assist its members achieve the aims of an eisteddfod, but not interfere with the autonomy of each eisteddfod.