AESA Meetings

Conferences are held twice yearly, outside the times of most competitions.

Annual General Meeting with conference is held in March each year and a conference is held the second weekend in November each year.

At the conferences members get to present reports on the progress of their competition, bring up matters of concern and share with others innovative new idea that have assisted in increasing entries or in the smoother running of their competition.

Round table forums are also held where all delegates have a say on matters that are affected by the general policy of the Association.

Meetings are held in various venues, each time moving around the country to various states to so that the venue is closer to a different range of members each time, thus allowing as many persons as possible to attend at some time or other.

Member Societies may send any number of delegates to a meeting who may all take part in discussion and move or second motions, however each Society will only have one vote on any matter.